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3DX Chat 2.0 announced

3DX Chat announced a major update (3DX chat 2.0) coming soon. The biggest changes are going to be in the graphics so this game is just getting more and more beautiful. You can expect great improvements because of the change in engine that they are using for the game.

Switching to Unity 5

This is an update of the engine since they are switching from Unity 4 to Unity 5. The differences between Unity 4 and 5 in terms of graphics and the quality of rendering are huge! You can expect physical based shaders and great lighting. At the same time the game is getting a performance upgrade that should make the game much more beautiful, yet still playable on most PCs.

New interface

There are going to be a few interface changes as well. The design is not going to be updated, but quite a lot of handy features are being added. You can instantly move to any location, clothes can be put on or taken off in groups and you can have more control over the graphics settings too. There are quite a few updates and bug fixes for the virtual partners too so the singleplayer part of the game is growing with the multiplayer parts.

Check out the review for 3DX Chat

If you haven’t played 3DX Chat yet, you should definitely take a look at our review of the game. We have a lot of in-game screenshots and a trailer with a lot of in-game content too so you can get a good look at what the game is like.

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