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3DX Chat 2.0 Beta updates

We wrote earlier about the second version of 3DX Chat coming some time soon and we have a couple of updates for you. There is a beta you can play now if you are an active customer of 3DX Chat and there have been a few decent updates in the meantime.

What’s new in these updates?

The last couple of updates have mostly been stability issues, but some new items have also been added. You can now have hair in all sorts of colors and a couple of comfortable chairs have been added that you can use for your own appartement and places.

3DX Chat beta content

Improved graphics

The whole aim of the 3DX Chat 2.0 is to get much better graphics and as you can see from the screens below that is working out nicely. The game is getting much more beautiful with much better lighting and graphics.

3DX Chat beta lighting

The beta is still unstable

Don’t forget that this beta is still unstable and you should install it next to your regular version of 3DX Chat. Check out installation instructions on the 3DX Forum.

If you want to play the stable game, then go straight to the order page or check out our 3DX Chat review first.

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